III : Video/Installation

III – Video/Installation takes place in a gallery or performance event setting, and involves a projected video, kinetic sculpture, and live performance of a breath composition. The projected imagery involves two sets of hands massaging the dense musculature of a dissected heart, and tracing the markings along its surfaces, as well as the entry points into its vessels and chambers. The video is projected over the surfaces of a three-dimensional sculpture (a different sculpture at each event), to which transducers are attached to make it pulse with real-time signals from electrocardiograms worn by three performers. Intermittently during the event, the performers perform in a poly-temporal breath composition in which they transition from slow relaxed respiration, to panting, to sustained breath holds, producing dynamic tempos in heart rate variability. The audience is invited to touch, or even embrace and be enveloped by, the rhythmic folds of the kinetic sculpture.


Created by:
John MacCallum and Teoma Naccarato

Performed by:
Michael Baldwin / Laura Boudou, John MacCallum and Teoma Naccarato

Premiere: Weisslich 10, London UK, October 2017