III: Respire

Breath Composition with sonic/haptic installation, three performers with ECG and click tracks (10”)

Created by: John MacCallum & Teoma Naccarato

III: Respire is a 10-minute, poly-temporal breath composition for 3 performers. In this piece, each performer wears headphones and breathes with the tempo of their own click track as it arcs gradually from slow deep breathing, to hyperventilation, to a minute-long breath hold, and so on. The arc of each click track is subtly different, producing a dynamic rhythm and texture between the three parts. As the breath composition progresses, the audience may see, hear, and sense the effort involved in the breathing for each performer, especially in moments where they begin to struggle to maintain speed and amplitude of breath. III: Respire may be performed on its own, or in the context of other performances and installations from III.  It is often shared with III: Coeur de cochon, and with the use of transducers to give tactile feedback from electrocardiogram (heart rate) sensors worn by the breathers.