III: Once Removed

Stage version with video projection, 10′

Performance / Installation in the round 30’

Created and performed by: John MacCallum & Teoma Naccarato

III: Once Removed is an intimate duet performed in the round, in which the materiality and performativity of the heart is explored through shared touch,  sound, movement, and breath. The dissected heart that lies between the two performers sets the scene for an ambiguous encounter which is at once tender and tense.  The performers wear electrocardiograms, and each heartbeat reverberates throughout the room by way of the haptic transducers affixed to the floor and seats. The piece develops in three sections: first, a series of sustained poses in which the pair (em)brace one another, the heart between them; second, an intense breath composition building to hyperventilation and an uncomfortably long breath hold; and finally, the sensual massage and manipulation of the heart.