III: Circulation

Performance-installation, 3 performers and 3 audience members (35″) 

Created and performed by: John MacCallum and Teoma Naccarato, with Laura Boudou

III: Circulation is a performance in three parts, designed for only three guests at a time. Each guest is seated alone on the periphery of the space, with projection in front of them, dancers moving behind them, and sound generated by transducers affixed to their seats. Throughout the event, guests must make choices about how to focus their attention amidst distributed visual, sonic, tactile, and kinaesthetic fragments, letting some details go in order to grasp others more fully. With the aid of handheld mirrors, the architecture of the installation takes on new dimensionality, inviting a circulation of awareness outwards, inwards, and in between the mediated processes at play.

III: Circulation incorporates elements from many other creations in III, including III: Feedback, III: Coeur de cochonIII: Respireand III:Circulation:1:4a, allowing these pieces to take new meaning in a shared performance context.