The outcomes of this multi-year, practice-based research project will include the creation of numerous live performances and installations, which integrate contemporary dance, music, and mixed media with biosensors. We are particularly interested by ways in which biosensors may act as an intervention in our creative process, redirecting the questions and materials that are generated.

Performance Studies:

To date, we have completed two short performance studies, which are not formal pieces, but rather an opportunity to challenge and explore the possibilities and limitations of our current hardware and software, as well as our understandings of relations between bodies and biosensors.

b_ircam03Study #1

This 10 minute solo study explores choreographic and compositional strategies by which a dancer may reproduce intentional arcs in heart activity over time, based on a prescribed musical score.  The dancer receives aural biofeedback regarding ECG data in real-time, based on tempo and pitch variations in the electronic soundscape.

table_04Study #2

This 8 minute study for dancer, percussionist, and live electronics, examines temporal tensions between the musical score, as prescribed, with its realizaiotn in performance – based on the highly variable ECG data from the dancer.  The dancer receives real-time biofeedback in the electronics, as well as a target heart rate from the percussionist, and must negotiate between the plan versus the live situation.

Installation Performances:


Intimate installation for one guest at a time, to premiere at the SummerWorks Festival, Live Art Series in Toronto this August 2015.

Experience #1167Exp1167_05

Performance-installation, to be presented by Tangente at the Monument National in Montreal this November 2015.

Evening-length Production

A long term goal of this project is to create an evening length production for music and dance, in which heart rate data from twelve contemporary dancers is used to generate tempo for twelve corresponding musicians.