Study #2

This 8 minute study for dancer, percussionist, and live electronics, examines temporal tensions between the musical score, as prescribed, with its realizaiotn in performance – based on the highly variable ECG data from the dancer.  The dancer receives real-time biofeedback in the electronics, as well as a target heart rate from the percussionist, and must negotiate between the plan versus the live situation.

Created by:
John MacCallum, composer
Teoma Naccarato, choreographer

Performance by:
Loren Mach, percussionist
Teoma Naccarato, dancer

Poster Presentation


Study 2 Poster






ECG Data from Performances

Below are graphs of ECG data from 6 separate performances of the study.  The vertical axis represents the heart rate of the dancer in beats per minute (BPM), while the horizontal axis indicates clock time, in seconds.  The dotted black line is the prescribed temporal pathway from the musical score.

PastedGraphic-8 PastedGraphic-10 PastedGraphic-11 PastedGraphic-12 PastedGraphic-13 PastedGraphic-14