III: Tangente

In III: Tangente, the theatre is turned inside out. The dancers and musicians perform behind us; it is only by way of mirrors that we piece together moments, as if editing a live film from our own perspective. Gradually, we are offered sensory fragments: the reflection of a torso sweeping past; gentle pulsations in the floor; wandering rhythms in the live instrumentation – provoked by the heartbeat of the dancers. It is difficult to capture anything or anyone, fully. There is darkness and stillness; there is breath; there is physical exertion and exhaustion. Nothing concludes. Everything assembles and shatters. It shatters like glass, and as we piece the shards back together, unfamiliar forms emerge.

Choreographer: Teoma Naccarato
Composer: John MacCallum
Dancers: Laura Boudou, Kim L. Rouchdy, Manuel Shink
Musicians: Anne Bucchi (percussion), Ryan Kelly (percussion), Elizabeth Lima (clarinet)
Breathers: Bailey Eng, Lucy Fandel, Abe Mijnheer

Premiere: 04/2017: Tangente Danse, Montreal QC