III: Respire

III: Respire is a poly-temporal breath composition. Three breathers inhale and exhale in time with a personalised metronome to create precise, interlocking rhythmic textures. The score progresses from relaxation to hyperventilation to sustained holds, requiring intense physical exertion. Throughout, the heart rate of each performer is captured using an electrocardiogram, and rematerialised as haptic feedback pulsing through the ground beneath the audience.

Created by: John MacCallum & Teoma Naccarato
Performers: John MacCallum, Teoma Naccarato, +1

10/2019 Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) | Coventry, UK
08/2018 Lake Studios Berlin | DE
10/2017 Weisslich 10 | London, UK
07/2016 Djerassi Open House | California, USA