Relational Listening | Cross-Disciplinary BFA / MFA Workshop, 4hrs
Synthesis Centre @ Arizona State University, USA

Relational Listening | Professional Dancers, 3hrs
Lake Studios Berlin, DE


Relational Listening | Cross-Disciplinary, 4 workshops x 3hrs
Center for Dance Research (C-DaRE) @ Coventry University, UK


Relational Listening | 3 workshops x 1hr
Conference on Dance and Somatic Practices @ C-DaRE, Coventry

Breath, Weight, and Time | MFA Dance Workshop, 3hrs
Roehampton University, Department of Dance

Relational Listening with the Heart | Cross-Disciplinary 4hrs
CLOUD/DansLab, NL – About Workshop

Tactile Enunciations: Rhythm & Reading, with Emilie Gallier, 3hrs
CLOUD/DansLab, NL – About Workshop

Confluences: Tactile Enunciations, Rhythm, & Reading, with Emilie Gallier, @ C-DaRE, Coventry, 3hrs

Intersections in Music, Movement, and Technology 3 days
Center for New Music & Audio Technologies (CNMAT) @ UK Berkeley – About Workshop

Relational Listening MFA Workshop, 4hrs
Barbican Guildhall School


Relational Listening | Professional dancers and musicians, by invite | 2 days
Roehampton University, Department of Dance

Intimate Listening, co-led with Peader Kirk, 90min
Conventions of Proximity in Art, Theatre,and Performance | Symposium @ Birkbeck